Broadband Speed Survey

Broadband Speed Survey

    Do you access the Internet at home?

    If not, what is the main reason you do not have Internet access? (Check all that apply)

    Does anyone in your home work from home, or remotely connect to their work office?

    Who is your Internet service provider?

    What is your Internet speed?

    Are you satisfied with your service provider(s)?

    Are you interested in any of the following technology services?

    Residential Services:


    Please provide any additional information or comments, concerning your interest in High-Speed Internet access, Voice, TV and/or other broadband services.

    Help us justify bringing broadband to your community; pass the survey to your neighbors (OPTIONAL INFORMATION)

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    Provide your e-mail, if you would like to be informed of our progress. Thank you for your time.
    Please return survey to: Last Mile Broadband of Maryland LLC, P.O. Box 1292, Clinton, MD 20735; or E-mail: